Velocity JS (Animation js library)

Veloctiy Js

Velocity Js is based off on JQuery’s .animate(), but can also work without JQuery. The main points today will be explaining why velocity js one of the preferred choices when doing front-end animation.

1. Callback functions

Using velocity js you have access to a wide range of callback functions, ex: Begin, Complete, and Progress. Using these functions you can have many different animations playing after each other. One of the most useful functions is the progress function, it can determine how much longer in ms the animation will play.

2. FPS

When using animation FPS (Frames Per Sec) is always a concern. Velocity is able to produce more FPS when playing an animation, compared to popular libraries like Animate.css.

3. Queue & Chain

When you are working with velocity js you are able to set up a queue of events or just chain events one after another.

For More information please look at the url below

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