JS- Callback

A callback function, also known as a higher-order function, is a function that is passed to another function (let’s call this other function “otherFunction”) as a parameter, and the callback function is called (or executed) inside the otherFunction.

This can be useful when you are trying to execute two functions that are dependent in one another.

  • JQuery uses a lot of callback functions without us realizing it.
 JQuery Click example 
    console.log("Button clicked");

In the example above we are passing in an anonymous function into the click function. Somewhere inside the click function our anonymous function will execute.

  • Another example is the foreach function
Foreach Example
var names = ["A","B","C","D"];

     console.log(index + " " + name);

We are passing in again an anonymous function into the foreach function to execute the console.log message.

To write a callback function all you need to do it create 2 functions and pass one function as a parameter into the other.

//A general output message function
function OutputMessage(data)
    if (typeof data === "string")
       console.log("This is a string: " + data);
    else if (typeof data == "object")
       console.log("This is a object);
       for(var item in data)
           console.log(item + " " + data[item]);


//Function to take in the callback function
var InputMessage(userData, callback)
    console.log("Going to execute the function now");

//So now to call the function and see what will happen
//This is a object
//name A
//age 27
InputMessage("String Message",OutputMessage)
//This is a string: String Message

The example above shows how to pass a function into another function as a parameter

One problem that people face when using callback functions is preserving ‘this’
The example below will show how this can be done:

//An Object that has a function inside to set the first and last names
var obj = {
firstName: "A",
lastName: "B",
SetName: function(first,last)
   this.firstName = first;
   this.lastName = last;

function UserInput(firstName,lastName,callback)
//When using the function UserInput to call obj's function directly
//you will not get the correct result
//The this in this case will mean the global windows variables.
console.log(window.firstName + " " + window.lastname); //C D

//Instead you need to pass the correct this into the function to do this
//you need to change the functions a little
function UserInput(firstName,lastName,callback,callbackObj)
//Now this will use the obj as the correct this
//This will now edit the variables inside the obj
console.log(obj.firstName + " " + obj.lastName)// C D


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